About Us

Garrett Off-Road Racing

Los Angeles

Garrett Off-Road Racing is a professional race team based out of Los Angeles, California competing in top tier off-road events around the globe. Passion fuels the success of each of our star athletes and ambition as the vehicle which drives us.

We are dedicated to our sport. Garrett Off-Road Racing (GORR) knows the importance of showing fans, competitors and event promoters the respect they deserve. Because without the love and support of everyone involved, racing does not exist.


Garrett Off-Road Racing

Grip 'N Rip

Born from one man’s passion to exist fully on a dirt racecourse, the Garrett Off-Road Racing team is made up of equally driven, glory-hungry individuals from all walks of life, with all sorts of skillsets to offer. From California to Utah, New Mexico to Baja the ever-evolving band of race warriors are ready at a moment’s notice to hop on their horse-powered vessels and battle it out ‘til the checkered flag waves. It’s here you can find everything there is to know about the team, their schedule, news & updates or even give support by purchasing some rad GORR Branded items from the Shop.


Garrett Off-Road Racing

Everyday GORR

Want to wear your GORR Pride on your sleeve? …Across your chest? What about forehead? Even place it “just-so” on the coffee table in your living room? Then visit THE COLLECTION in our Shop to pick up a little piece of the off-road lifestyle.