est. 2016

Garrett Off-Road Racing

Professional off-road race team pursuing the dream, one checkered flag at a time.

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Our Philosophy To Achieve Results

To see a difficult situation through to the end, assess the damage, then move onto the next as a better person (theoretically). At the end of this most ultimate of challenges, were so many more successes than failures. Lessons learned, and goals achieved.

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Forging Alliances

We are dedicated to our sport. We know the importance of showing our fans, competitors, and event promoters, the respect they deserve. The sport of off-road and desert racing does not exist without the support of everyone involved.

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Big tank mafia

It Takes a Village

Hell, it takes a whole army to overcome the high demands of Motorsport. Each obstacle tasking, impossible at times, only to be surmounted by the many talents and tireless effort of every athlete, mechanic and Renaissance (wo)Man with GORR.

All must go above and beyond to reach not only their dreams but the lofty goals of the team, which shows in their many achievements together. The establishment is young, but we’re growing stronger each day together as one formidable unite.

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